Raghuwansh Public School


What makes RPS different?


At Raghuwansh Public School, one finds a learning environment that is student-friendly, stress-free yet intellectually challenging so that children spend the best years of their lives fruitfully. We want them to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, lifelong learners and contented individuals of a responsible society. Today’s work culture demands not only ‘knowledgeable’ machines fed with information but also humans who can work and co-exist peacefully with co-workers. Students & teachers associated with this institution would grow into individual’s in-charge of themselves, who can risk making mistakes, learn to make choices, take decisions and face the consequences of their decisions. We encourage individuals to learn, unlearn and relearn. This is a place that tries to take care of the individual differences of learners and also promotes individual talent. We innovate and constantly evolve.

Pre-Primary & Primary Curiculum

Primary Curriculum is divided into pre primary and primary school curriculum. Stepping out of the close environs of their homes into the unknown boundaries of temple of learning, the tiny tots feel a little apprehensive of what they are going to confront.

This is where our school imparts them with an environment wherein they feel protected and independent individuals. Teaching is imparted through the Play – Way- Method and guidance is given for habit formation where a child learns to communicate outside the known boundaries.

After learning how to communicate, a child must be instilled with the skill of expressing himself, knowing the basics from the preparatory level here , the child is taught to communicate by enhancing the reading, writing and listening skills.

Not forgetting the fact that a child needs to develop amidst natural surroundings, subject like Nature study and EVS have been incorporated into their study pattern.

Analytical and logical reasoning skills are developed through Maths. To make aware of social environment and basics of history, geography and civil administration Social Science has been introduced from class III on wards.

Secondary Curriculm

At the onset of adolescence, RPS enables its students to have a firm footing in the permanently changing phases of society. The middle school provide a study of Languages, Sciences, Mathematics, Computers, Art and Craft, Dance and Sports making every student versatile in all spheres of life.. The middle school education is based on CBSE to equip the students for competitive exams with a holistic approach to education. For preparing the students, right from middle classes Science is taught as three independent subjects- Physics, chemistry and Biology..

Senior Secondary

The senior secondary is a microcosm of outside world albeit a sheltering, caring one. The senior school curriculum synergized seamlessly with various social, cultural and sporting activities providing an ambient learning environment. Students have options of Science, Commerce inclusive of current competitive subjects like Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, preparing the students to venture out and face the world outside.


RPS is blessed to have highly qualified, talented faculty with right skills and positive attitude. Our teachers are the dynamic force behind all our endeavors. They radiate a multi- dimensional persona, positivity, commitment, encouragement, sensitivity and cheer. Responsibility, dedication, love, care and efficiency are the hallmarks of our teachers. It is due to the sheer consistency & perseverance that RPS is able to lay the foundation of excellence and meet the growing challenges of time. Each teacher is also willing to go beyond the call of duty to provide appropriately contextual learning experiences to young minds. The faculty members are encouraged to update their skills and knowledge on a regular basis. Besides, the teachers undergo regular training sessions in areas such as teaching methodologies and use of technology in the class that ensure professional and personal growth and stimulation of these lifelong learners .

Unleash your true potential.